Are your emails being delivered?

The new requirements from Google, Yahoo, SendGrid and others which came into effect from February 2024 are complex but are based around three technologies; These technologies essentially prove:

  1. Where the email has come from
  2. Show that the email is from an authorised system.
  3. Say that only email from those systems should be trusted – otherwise mark them as junk / spam / fraud.

Because these new requirements primarily affect emails that you send, we believe it is important to not just add the relevant settings but also monitor the email deliverability as once these settings are in place you won’t know if your emails are reaching their intended recipients as there are no automatic bounce back errors.

Our Multi-Source Email Security and Authenticity Solution utilises a security platform that manages the safe senders, approved senders, reputation, and authorisations. We use this platform to add each of the sources you are using and create the DNS records to advertise the compliance.

Once we have all sending sources configured and added within the platform, we enable set the platform to “monitor” until a history of sending servers and deliverability has formed. At that point, we can move to enforce the security which then instructs receivers to only allow your emails through. Any that fail the checks will be treated as junk/spam.

If you would like more information about our solution please drop us an email to [email protected] or give us a ring on 01582 620134 (option 4).