Are you paying for Microsoft Services that are free to you as a Non-Profit?

Free IT Grant Opportunities and Incentives from Microsoft for Non-Profit Organisations Such As Yours

In today’s digital landscape, non-profit organisations are not only increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, but most are unaware of what Microsoft offer for free to support them.

Microsoft has therefore invited BLS IT Solutions to partner with them to help deliver their free products and services to all organisations that qualify.

Incentives and Grants include:

  • Up-to 10 Free Microsoft 365 Business Premium Licenses (11-300 discounted to £4.50 per user per month – RRP £21.72)
  • Up-to 300 Free Microsoft Business Basic Licenses
  • Up-to 50 Free Windows 11 Professional with down-level rights for Windows 10 Professional (through TechSoup)
  • 8% discount for New Surface Devices
  • Free Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Pro discounted to £2.50 per user – RRP £9.84)
  • $2,000 Free Azure Credit per year

What to do next?

  1. Schedule a chat with us below
  2. We will go through your eligibility as a Non-profit and a Technology Risk Review
  3. If eligible, we will move any licenses you don’t need to pay for to the Non-profit system at no cost to you and give you our Free Risk Review.
Why are we doing this for Free?

We are on a mission in 2024 to help every eligible Non-profit to ensure they are not paying for Microsoft Services they can get for free, 48% of the Non-profits we have spoken to weren’t aware of the Grants and Incentives available to them and some were paying out hundreds per month for services they can get for Free.